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Mitigation Procedures for Yampa Valley Youth Baseball 2020 Summer League

Also see (Guidelines for Parents, Coaches and Spectators)


·      All posted and published local- and state-regulated guidelines shall be followed.

·      All players and volunteers should self-monitor symptoms of COVID-19 daily. If any signs or symptoms of infection are present, the individual should not attend practice or games, should notify coach, and should contact their healthcare provider.

·      Players, coaches and spectators must practice physical/social distancing of 6 feet or further from other households and individuals during drop-off/pick-up of players.

·      If scheduling permits, games will be scheduled with other teams every 2 weeks, to minimize the number of new teams of players interacting. Regular practices may be scheduled as planned.

·      Each field will have no more than 25 players, excluding coaches and referees/umpires, playing at one time.

·      League administrators will maintain contact information and team rosters and be prepared to support local public health contact tracing efforts if exposures occur.

·      Player contact will be minimized by eliminating team/player handshakes and team/player high

        fives in order to keep social distancing between teams in effect on and beyond the field of play.

·      Alternative means of game celebrations and team sportsmanship at the end of games (e.g., ask players to tip their caps/visors) will be encouraged.

·      Masks are encouraged where social distancing by coaches and spectators cannot be achieved.

·      Spectators, like parents, are permitted, so long as members from different households maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from each other. Spectators may bring shade tents for the use of members of their own household.

·      The coaches meeting at home plate should be limited to one coach from each team plus the umpires. No players at plate meeting. Eliminate the meeting if possible.

·      Teams will be allowed to spread players out in an organized fashion in areas outside the field of play 

·      Bench personnel will be limited to essential team personnel.  Dugouts will be closed to players.

·      Parents will supply their players with antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer for cleaning hands between innings.

·      Players will bring their own water bottles. Sharing of water bottles will be discouraged. If a common water jug is supplied, users are encouraged to wash their hands before touching the jug.

·      Parents will supply their players with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for cleaning hands in between innings.

·      PPE items (non-latex gloves, masks) will be allowed by players if they choose, as long as the items do not compromise the safety of themselves or any participants in the game.

·      Playing formats and increasing the amount of time between games will be adjusted to minimize overlap, allow for appropriate cleaning of shared items, and separate traffic flow where needed.

·      The use of sunflower seeds is prohibited.


Disinfection Procedure:


Product Selection

All disinfection products being used will be from the EPA list of registered products for use against the SARS-COV-2 virus.

In addition to these ready to use products, bleach solutions in appropriately labeled a spray bottle will be provided by following the dilution ratio described here:

Diluted household bleach solutions (at least 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite, or

concentration of 5%–6%).

• Prepare a bleach solution by mixing:

• 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of room temperature

water or

• 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of room temperature water

• Bleach solutions will be effective for disinfection up to 24 hours

Disinfection Process


A disinfection routine will be established, ensuring there is sufficient contact time to complete a thorough disinfection between events.

The use of Dugouts is prohibited by players but may be used as a “hygiene center” by the assigned adult in charge of disinfecting equipment.

Disinfection reminders will be posted in the “hygiene center”.

Equipment that has visible dirt on it will be cleaned with soap and water prior to disinfecting.

A coach or parent (or adult) will be assigned to disinfect equipment in the following manner:


Baseballs:  Game Balls will be wiped down with a proper disinfection solution at the beginning of each game and prior to subsequently being placed into play.  A “clean” supply or bucket of baseballs will be maintained by the Home Team and used as they are needed.


Bats:  Before the initial use of a bat, and before any subsequent use of a bat, whether it be a team bat or a personal bat, the bat handle must be wiped down with a proper disinfection solution or wipe and placed in a “clean bat” area for eventual use.


Helmets: Team helmets must be properly disinfected with a proper solution prior to and after each use and placed in a “clean” helmet area.  Players with individual helmets are encouraged to maintain their own helmets and store it with his/her equipment between use.  


Catching gear: Team catcher's helmets and masks will be properly disinfected prior to use and prior to subsequently being used by another player.  A fresh, disinfected “clean” helmet and mask will be available for each substitute catcher.    


Gloves: If gloves need to be used that do not belong to the individual player, hand hygiene will be practiced by the player before putting on the glove. Due to the difficult nature to disinfect the inside of the glove, used gloves will be taken out of sharing rotation for 72 hours.


Practices:  Coaches can easily adopt the above procedures for practices.  For example, baseballs can be wiped down prior to practice and changed out periodically with used balls placed in a separate bucket.  Helmets, bats, and catching equipment can be wipe down or sprayed with a disinfection solution after each use.  Players can easily practice social distancing during warm-ups and practice.  Catching positions may possibly be eliminated during practice. 

Every practice should have available a spray bottle(s) of disinfecting solution, a bucket for “clean” baseballs, and a clean towel. 

It is suggested that during water or snack breaks, the players also clean their hands with a hand sanitizer required to be carried by each player.


                                    THE FIVE COMMITMENTS TO CONTAINMENT

·      Wear a face covering in public places and when social distancing cannot be achieved.

1.     Keep six feet of social/physical distance.

2.     Wash hands often.

3.     Stay home if sick or at risk.

4.     Get tested if symptoms arise.




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